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Embrace the spirit of adventure and explore the captivating beauty of Madeira Island like never before on our exhilarating kayak tours. Glide across the sparkling waters of the Atlantic, navigate through rugged cliffs, and discover secluded coves and hidden beaches only accessible by sea – all under the guidance of our experienced and friendly guides.

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Adult: 35€


Madeira’s dramatic coastline, with its emerald-green waters and awe-inspiring cliff faces, provides a breathtaking backdrop for your kayak journey. As you paddle out from the shoreline, experience the thrill of exploring at your own pace, the tranquil silence broken only by the rhythmic splash of your oars and the calls of seafaring birds.

But the adventure doesn’t stop at the shoreline. Peer into the clear, warm waters teeming with vibrant marine life – from playful dolphins to colorful schools of fish – creating a fascinating underwater spectacle. Don’t forget to bring your waterproof camera!

Suitable for novices and experienced paddlers alike, our kayak tours offer a unique perspective of Madeira’s natural beauty. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful paddle through calm waters, a challenging journey across open sea, or a romantic sunset kayak, we have the perfect experience waiting for you.

Our kayak tours are not only about enjoying the stunning marine landscape. They’re also about connecting with nature, feeling the rhythm of the ocean, and creating unforgettable memories. Safety is paramount, and our tours are led by qualified guides who provide instruction, equipment, and ensure a secure and enjoyable adventure for everyone.