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Southwest Tour

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Welcome to our enchanting “Southwest Tour of Madeira”, a captivating journey through Madeira’s southwestern charm. Experience the contrast of lush landscapes and stunning coastlines, all the while discovering the vibrant local culture and history.


09h00 » 17h00

Adult: 34€

Children: 17€


Ponta do Sol: Our journey begins in the sunny village of Ponta do Sol, rightly named ‘Point of the Sun’. This picturesque town is renowned for its delightful weather and magnificent panoramic views. Its quaint streets, charming architecture, and oceanfront promenade set the tone for an enjoyable day.

Moledos Viewpoint over Madalena do Mar: We continue to the Moledos Viewpoint, where you can admire a breath-taking view over Madalena do Mar. This vantage point offers stunning vistas of terraced fields, the sparkling Atlantic Ocean, and the impressive cliffs that encapsulate the island’s rugged beauty.

Calheta: Next, we arrive at the coastal town of Calheta, home to one of the few sandy beaches on the island. We visit the local sugar cane factory, where you’ll get a chance to taste the locally made ‘aguardente’, a key ingredient in Madeira’s traditional Poncha drink.

Prazeres: As we ascend to the rural village of Prazeres, you’ll find an interactive farming and zoo experience, perfect for families. This place also hosts a charming parish church and a herb garden with an adjacent tea house, where you can sample various herbal infusions.

Ponta do Pargo: At the island’s westernmost point, Ponta do Pargo, you’ll find a picturesque lighthouse perched on towering cliffs. The views from this point are extraordinary, where the vast Atlantic Ocean meets the azure sky, providing a fantastic photo opportunity.

Paúl do Mar: Descending to the sea level, we reach Paúl do Mar, a traditional fishing village known for its narrow streets and vibrant, mural-covered walls. Its beach is also a well-known surfing spot, attracting surfers from all over the world.

Jardim do Mar: Next, we visit Jardim do Mar, a charming seaside village renowned for its beautiful gardens, ocean views, and serene atmosphere. Its seafront promenade is an idyllic spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Madalena do Mar: Our tour culminates in Madalena do Mar, an enchanting coastal village set against a backdrop of impressive mountains. Known for its extensive banana plantations, it provides a fascinating insight into one of Madeira’s main agricultural industries.

Join our “Southwest Tour of Madeira” for an enriching and adventurous exploration of the less-traveled parts of the island. Immerse yourself in the island’s natural splendor, discover its rich culture, and create unforgettable memories on this picturesque journey through Madeira’s southwest.